Rotary parts

Fast wear rotary parts

We deliver upper and lower circular blades for longitudinal cutting, of various quality grades, such as: tool steel, TIN coated steal, ASP or carbide.

Blocks of rubber, plastic, Vukollan or Vulkocell for: traction wheels, guidebars, pressure bars or cutting sticks for all common machine types, of all sizes and grades common in stores.

We can manufacture pressure bars of Vulkollan of hardness 70° to 93° Shore, also combined with Vulkocell.

Guidebars, plastic quality, for the printing industry.

Folding knives for folding apparatuses for the printing and packaging industries can be delivered treated with titanium compounds, for high-performance and high-speed machines.

Cutting knives for cross-cutting (saw tooth) or for perforating with varying tooth placement, made e.g. as hard chrome plating, TIN coating or our premium quality special FHM-S1 steel.

Folding flaps (movable or flexible folding flap) for all types of folding apparatuses.

Folding flaps (stationary) for all common folding apparatuses. We supply them with finishes: metco, hard chrome, Vulkollan, sapphire, ceramic, carbide or diamond.

Scraper blade, washing doctor, colour card ruler or spreading doctor sharpening: for colour wiping from cylinders in machines for relief printing, roller printing and offset printing or for colour filling in screen-printing.

Ground spreading doctors are of highest quality, made according to the ISO standards.

Punctures in various designs for all folding machines for the packaging industry.

Folding apparatus catchers are made of high-alloy tool steel, which can be coated for better grip.

Cutter bars can be manufactured for all folding apparatuses of all machine types as complete tools ready for installation.

Traction wheels from paper belt transportation or as paper guidance in folding apparatuses:

We deliver all-rubber traction wheels with hardness approx. 85° Shore or with steel core and Vulkollan ring of hardness approx. 85° to 93° Shore.

Cutting rings for transportation and side cutting are made of top-quality chrome-alloy tool grooved steel or as transportation rings with special coating.