Company history


After building up of the customer base for many years, the Company was founded in January 1990, at first as a company working for one of the biggest German concerns manufacturing hard metals. Its founder was Ludwig Fuhrmann, who subsequently also founded an independent company in the Czech Republic with a business name of Ludwig Fuhrmann IMPORT-EXPORT, s.r.o.

From then on, there was a rapid growth of the volume of orders for the manufacture of hard-metal knives for paper manufacturers and processors and, at the same time, a continuing growth of the demand for professional knife sharpening.

From mid-1992, the first private provider of special sharpening services started to work in Brno, Czech Republic. In 1994, a branch was established in Prague.

In 2001, another company for precise sharpening was established in Pilsen and in 2002 in Cesky Tesin.

Sharpening services:

All of these sharpening service shops are equipped with state-of-the-art precise sharpeners, operated by professional and specially trained staff.

All of our staff receive training on an ongoing basis to keep their professional knowledge in the sharpening field up to date.

Our service branches in Brno and Prague have their own company cars, thus they can serve our customers any time according to their needs.

On our accurate table grinders, we sharpen all steel knives, hardened HSS knives and carbide knives up to the length of 3600 mm; we have precision grinders for sharpening of circular knives where we can sharpen all steel knives, knives of HSS and carbide and paper cutters to the diameter of 310 mm, and finally, special "Cargrind" machine cutting knives for the production of labels, made of steel, HSS and carbide.

Fuhrmann is an authorized abrasive service Swiss company Stamfag.