1. Knives of FHM carbide

Our quality knives of FHM carbide guarantee high quality of cutting and long service life.

STANDARD - Our knives of STANDARD hard metal are characterised with excellent toughness, guaranteeing a long service life above average, even when processing different types of materials.

FEINSTKORN - For those requiring an even longer service life, knives from FEINSTKORN carbide are designed. Super fine grain carbide is another result of our development of standard carbide. High quality and long service life - compared to standard carbide, double or triple service life.

MICROFEINSTKORN - Top quality in combination with five to sixfold service life. These knives are made of super fine grain type of carbide and, compared to standard knives, they have up to six times longer service life. The MICROFEINSTKORN knives convince by their optimised quality of carbide, long service life and excellent cutting quality, as well as reduced dustiness and significantly lower number of blade damages by brittle fractures in wear, thus significantly lower costs.

The knives of MICROFEINSTKORN quality can be used for table cutters, three-knife trimmers, trimmers and cutters for cross-cutting.

Our specialists and consultants will be glad to help you resolve any special requirements.

2. FHM steel knives
FHM steel knives are made of quality two-component steel (steel on iron) and are designed for common use in the paper and cardboard industries.These knives can also be treated with a Teflon finish.

3. Hardened HSS knives
Hardened HSS knives, with hardened steel insert with18 % of wolfram, are suitable for abrasive and laminated paper.

The grading of the steel block is hardened several times to reach a very long service life of the HSS knife.

Our Teflon finish has proven very well in the production of self-adhesive stickers.

4. Knives of chrome steel
Knives of chrome steel with 12 % Cr are manufactured of hardened all steel and have proven very well for trimmers, where they can be used as both upper or lower knives.

5. FHM-ASP knives
FHM-ASP knives are steel knives manufactured by powder metallurgy, they are very resistant, having a very long service life compared to other steel knives and HSS knives. These high quality knives are used for high-cost jobs and can be sharpened in a conventional way.

6. Rotation knives